28 February 2011

The gods must be laughing

The weather gods must be laughing at me. Soon after I brought the tomato plant to the Norris Road flat, we had days of cloudy weather (not to mention heavy rain one evening that knocked out the power till 9 a.m. the next day). Perhaps because of being moved and then not getting enough sun, the tomato plant has 'frozen'. No new growth as far as I can see and no flowers, despite feeding with NPK (after letting the plant recover from its move for a few days). I'm not giving up hope though; the single tomato on the plant has turned a lovely red . . .

. . .and I will continue to nurture the plant until it does as well as the siblings it was torn away from.

Yes, as well as those previously languishing siblings! The sun has returned to the balcony of the Lavelle Road flat and after a single feeding with NPK, the two plants there have started bearing in plenty. I'm going to leave them there since they are doing so much better than their separated sister.

Another sign that things have really picked up on the Lavelle Road balcony is that the poi saag vine is flowering. I remember Arathi mentioning that her poi saag vine had flowered too. I wonder what it means? Arathi, if you're reading this, did you harvest seeds from the flowers? Perhaps I should ask Raj Panda, the 'father' of our poi saag vines.

The new momentum at Lavelle Road has inspired me to start planting in Norris Road; I've been letting too many things get in the way of fresh planting. I'm going to start some tomatoes, chilis and radish from seed. I'm also going to try something new: details in the next post.


  1. The tomatoes look big ! I use some gypsum too for the plants. That gave more flowering to mine. ( normal variety).

  2. Jeanne, great to see the pics. I did sow the poi saag seeds and new saplings have grown. It takes some time for the seeds to germinate but worth the wait.

  3. Thanks, Arathi. I will gather the seeds from the poi saag flowers and do the same.

  4. The 'matoes look yummy, Jeanne! Healthy too.

  5. Thanks, Chandramouli. The red one in the picture tasted fantastic! I had a few slices in a sandwich. They tasted so good that I ate the rest of the tomato with just a little salt and pepper.