29 October 2010

Tomato harvest

I harvested the last of the tomatoes today. I will now have to start a new lot; the old ones are shaggy and mealy bug-ridden.

The only other plant giving us a regular harvest is the curryleaf, which we use everyday for cooking

I would have been looking forward to a mandarin harvest, and making marmalade from them, if so many of the green fruit hadn't been taken by birds/rats/whatever. Every time I go to the shrub, more green fruit have been taken.

Meanwhile, the heliconia golden torch blooms have matured and developed what looks like seed formations. Are these seeds or something else?

The sun has deserted Bangalore so I am going to wait for a while before I start the next lot of tomatoes, chillies, lettuce and brinjal. Hope I have better results this time.

09 October 2010

Accidental harvest

While re-staking some tomatoes, I broke the stem of two that were heavier than I realised. So I had an accidental harvest. While I was about it, I also took another harvest of the poi saag. Husband likes the taste of the raw poi saag leaves and wants me to try making them into a salad.

If anyone knows this plant's name, please let me know

We've had heavy rain and overcast skies for days in Bangalore and so only a few perennial bloomers like the dancing lady begonia are managing to bloom. Other prolific bloomers like the coral vine are putting out only a few flowers. But today we noticed that a plant I don't know the name of is putting out its little purple flowers--you can just about see one right at the bottom of the picture.  If anyone knows this plant's name, please let me know.

My husband took this shot and also got one of the patio and a corner of the garden. You can't see the potted plants on the patio properly because my maid has lined them up like soldiers on parade. Husband and I arrange them nicely but when she cleans the patio she puts them all back into their strict line-up.

I want to seed some petunias, white and red radishes, chilies and some more tomatoes but am waiting for the sun to make a comeback.