09 February 2011

Goa gaiety

We went to Goa for the wedding of a friend's daughter and had a wonderful time. One of the highlights was the blooms in the hotel garden -- nothing special, just bougainvillea, hibiscus, ixora and lantana, but everything looked so beautiful and gay in the sun.

I love the look of the bougainvillea in round pots; will try one or two on my balcony. My next post will be about the beginnings of my new balcony gardens; there won't be anything very interesting to see for a while but I do mean to record things from the start up to (finger's crossed) blooms and/or vegetables.


  1. Hi Jeanne,
    Growing bougainvillea is a wonderful experience. They are very rewarding plants when given sufficient sunlight. I am not so fond of pots with narrow mouths. It creates problems when we are looking at re-potting. You might need to break the pot especially if the roots grow well. It does look very nice though.

  2. Dear Jeanne, The blooms all sound special to me! P x

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