26 July 2010

Unappreciated stalwarts - instalment two

I have another strip of  'garden' -- two long beds along the driveway of our building and a corner with huge palms, planted with calladiums, an agave and what I call maranta but I've been told is another calathea. The plants here are also doing well -- though I haven't given them much thought lately. I do regularly feed everything, check for pests and spray soap solution as needed, so they're not neglected and do reward the attention.

Heliconia and monstera

Monstera and schefflera

Spider plant in a box

Star jasmine

I have recently replanted the area around the palms so it's looking bare. That's why I haven't photographed everything together. I hope that once the calladiums are well established, this will be a pretty corner.
Maranta or calathea


Agave hidden by the maranta


  1. Hello,
    Nice blog. You have a very nice garden space and large variety of plants.


  2. Thanks so much, Natti. It's nice to be read and appreciated.

  3. That spider plant looks really healthy! So do your other plants. It looks like you're really taking very good care of them.
    I'm sure that once the caladiums grow and fill up the area under the palms it's going to be an explosion of colour!

  4. Thanks, Sunita. The plants pictured in this post do well with even a little care, so I should be more appreciative of them. Vegetable growing is just so hard, although the results are always worth the extra effort. My calladiums are not spreading much so I will have to do more than hope. I guess enriching the soil with compost is in order.

  5. The shapes an textures of the leaves on all these plants are interesting and work well together.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a wonderful comment! Pam