31 July 2010

The foxes' wedding and the monkeys' dance

It was one of those times when it's raining and the sun is shining at the same time. As kids, we were told that this is known as the foxes' wedding and the monkeys' dance. The light cast on my philodendrons and firebush was so beautiful, I had to try and capture it.

I got a good approximation with the philodendrons.

But I'm not sure I got close enough to the real thing with the firebush.


  1. Isn't every moment worth a capture?! In the garden, I mean. Especially when you have the sun and the rain. The first photo does not disappoint.

    Enjoy your day, Jeanne.

  2. Thanks a lot. Saw your lovely pics from Delhi. Never knew vinca could look so good.

  3. That is funny - we just call it a monkey's wedding, and mix both your metaphors ;-)

  4. This prompted me to search for the origin of the phrase. I didn't find it but discovered that:

    "Lots of cultures think sunshowers have to do with someone, or some animal, having a wedding: devils, hyenas, rats, birds, bears, tigers, foxes, donkeys, jackals, an old woman, a widow"

    -- and that "in Jamaica, they say the devil and his wife are fighting over a chicken bone" and the Dutch call it "a fair in hell"

  5. As a native of India, Remember my mother saying
    the same thing, today there was a rainbow also it was raining plus sunshine at the same time, My wife english born had not heard this saying...Ray