24 September 2010

A harvest and feast with thanks to our expert bloggers

Today I want to thank three people who have benefited me a lot with their steadfast blogging and great advice: Raj Panda of Organic Kitchen Gardening, Mani of geekgardener, and Raji of the food blog Talimpu.

I picked some poi saag leaves from a creeper grown from seedlings Raj gave me and made some fritters with them for lunch, using a recipe from the Talimpu blog (http://www.talimpu.com/2010/09/16/mixed-greens-fritters/). The recipe is for mixed green fritters but I used only the poi saag because it was the first time we were eating it and I wanted to know how it tasted. It was wonderful -- mild and sweet, maybe how lettuce tastes when it's cooked but I'm not sure that's the right description. Next I will try a poi saag recipe I got from a blog on Oriya cooking. If Raj sees this post, maybe he'll send me his family recipe!

Poi saag plant 

Leaves washed and drained -- some are as big as my hand

Poi saag fritters

The next harvest will be of marmande tomatoes for which I need to thank Raj for the seeds and Raj and Mani for their fabulous workshop at which I learned how to properly grow vegetables in containers. I would  never have got the results below without their expert advice.


  1. Dear JSB, Your tomatoes are impressive! I grow mine in containers, too. The fritters look delicious - do they have a spicy taste? Thanks for visiting my blog today. Pam

  2. Pam, the fritters are not spicy if you limit the amount of green chillies you use. I used just half a green chili because my husband doesn't like chili-hot food. An alternative is to scrape out the seeds of the chili and use only the green part for flavour and barely a hint of heat.

  3. Hi
    I wonder what's wrong with my poi saag plant...the leaves are large, but almost yellow in colour...am i missing on some nutrient?

  4. Malathi, it might be lack of nutrients, though it could also be overwatering. Try giving the plant less water and see what happens. If the leaves are still yellow, try spraying them with NPK.

  5. Thanks Jeanne...I am going to try the less watering tip, plus also plan to manure them this weekend.