31 August 2010

'Rejoiced' too soon . . .

. . . the cucumber is dying. Not surprising since the vine is more or less dead already.

I'm just going to dust my hands of this episode and replace it with passion fruit vine. That will not only look good but cover my makeshift support, just a nylon net thrown over a line. I've been successful with growing passion fruit in the garden but had to give up because the monkeys raided all the fruit. My sister has grown passion fruit successfully on her balcony, although the fruit were small. But that doesn't matter because it's the magnificent flowers I want. It will be a bonus if some fruit appear and are not looted by the hateful monkeys.

A consolation is that the tomatoes are putting up a fight against the lack of sun and constant rain. Here's a marmande. There are very few on the vine but enough to cheer me up.

Fingers crossed for the passion fruit. Will look up timings for planting on the Net.


  1. All the best , next time.

    Timing is important I suppose. I learnt the hard way, after losing many seedlings . :-)


  2. Thanks, Pattu. I will do more research before planting cucumber next time.