13 June 2010

Round 2 of vegetable growing on the balcony

I've started my second round of growing vegetables from seed. Tip of the hat to Raj of Organic Kitchen Garden who gave me the seeds for the cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce (and beans, of which more below). He also gave me the poi sag as seedlings, taken from his mother plant.

I planted the seeds and  transplanted the seedlings some time ago. The plants started off well, but with hardly any sun for more than a week now, they are growing more slowly than they should. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I muffed only with the lettuce by transplanting the seedlings too early. They all died. A second lot of seeds has germinated and I will take care to plant them only when they're robust. I took Raj's tip and planted them in a mix of cocopeat and compost (my own homemade compost) so that the seedlings can stay in the pot for some time. I also had bad luck with the beans. They germinated and transplanted well, and were growing fast. But one day I found the leaves covered with a white powdery substance, which didn't go after spraying with neem soap solution or just water. Eventually the plants died. I will plant the seeds again when there's  more sun. If anyone knows what happened to the beans, do let me know.


 Germinated lettuce

Poi sag

The lot below  is from the first round. Some plants from the first round are fruiting again so I'll keep them till the vegetables mature. The plants are showing their age so I will put them to rest after that.


Capsicum --only buds just now


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  1. Hi,
    Came via Indian Maali.
    The pots and the vegetables looks very good. Once again I feel fresh enthu flowing through

    My pots too looks somewhat similar , so hope my veggies will grow soon..
    Impatient ..