23 May 2010

Plants in my garden

Crown of thorns

Dancing lady begonia


Pink crocuses

Bleeding heart vine - close up

Bleeding heart vine


  1. Hi JSB,

    Great start . Crocuses and Bleeding heart vine are so beautiful,did u raised them from seeds? I never saw these in local nurseries (am from hyd)

    Best wishes and Hope your garden and blog will bloom .


  2. Hi Sudha,
    Thanks a lot for your compliment and good wishes. I bought the bleeding heart vine from a nursery and replanted it in my garden. The crocuses were planted by my gardener -- he brought the plants themselves. They are lilies so I guess they would be propogated through bulbs. Usually, they multiply a lot on their own, so you can create more plants just by thinning -- removing some of the plants and replanting somewhere else. They are also called rain lilies -- you could ask for them by this name in good nurseries.

    Bleeding heart vine is also known as clerodendron and coral vine. Try asking by these names. Do hope you find them.

    All the best

  3. thats a nice looking bleeding glory bower!

  4. Thanks! Learned a new name for it. So far, I've heard 'bleeding heart vine' and 'coral vine'.